Interview with JULY 3, 2019
Meet Artist Christopher Aaron…

Scott DubhGhaill  Jan 2015


“Christopher Aaron is crazy!”  (Maybe, but aren’t we all)! … “He’s a dreamer!”  (Definitley, and Dream BIG he does!) … “His work will never make it past the doorway of his studio!” WRONG!


Undoubtedly, some gauche, art critic at one time or another thought those same things to him or herself about what they saw when experiencing one of Christopher Aaron’s breathtaking works of Abstract Art.  Christopher Aaron, through his passion for abstract art and his remarkable work ethic, has put all doubts to rest.

In the February, 2015 issue: a symbiosis of art and architecture. Chris is proud to be the solo artist selected to create a custom collection for this modern jewel; a collaboration with the prestigious design firm eos architecture, inc.


interiors + design

NOV/ DEC  2015

Christopher's piece titled "Torrent" featured in this beautiful Midcentury Modern Home in La Jolla, California. Interior Design by Anita Dawson of Dawson Design Group.